Saturday, June 21, 2014

The BookCon Wrap Up Post I Meant To Write

BookCon was an amazing experience! I met so many wonderful people, readers and writers just like me. Librarians, moms and dads out with their kids encouraging their love of reading. Every time I heard, someone say "Hey, I could be spending money on junk. At least it's books, right?", my heart swelled a little bit! This was the first year for the "power reader" one day con attached to BEA and once again ReedPop Promotions out did themselves. It was by far one of the best conventions I have attended to date.

I don't know if they expected such a huge turnout or level of passion for the authors and the worlds they created. At one point I left Cat Miller at our booth to use the ladies room and the line was so long I had to get out or I would have missed the time for my raffle, lol!

Speaking of the raffle... I was lucky enough to receive several signed books from some of my favorite authors who are joining me at HallowRead this year, made a basket and raffled those bad boys off. Would you believe the aisle was crammed with people waiting to find out if they won? Because I couldn't! I was totally blown away at the number of people who camped out at our booth half an hour before the winner was set to be announced. They seemed to come in droves after that! It was an amazing day and I will definitely be going back next year.

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