Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taking over the airwaves in August!

August was a crazy cool month where I had the opportunity to take over the airwaves not once but twice! First I met with Matthew over at Dragon Radio on campus at Howard Community College. It was my first in studio interview. I've done a few over the phone for Cutting Room Floor but going in to the studio, with the mic and everything was really neat! I loved seeing where the magic happens and a little behind the scenes on how they cut segments. Knowing this was prerecorded definitely helped keep me at ease. Matthew definitely had his work cut out for him because once I got going, there was no stopping my mouth! Lol! We talked about everything, books, the writing process, life and even HallowRead. I'm pretty sure there were hours of editing I didn't see involved afterward. There's a link below if you'd like to take a listen. 

Last week I was unexpectedly interviewed for 98Rock, the #1 Rock station in Baltimore, MD. This was crazy cool! And my nerves definitely got the best of me, especially in front of a live crowd. I never was one for public speaking. Sure, I've done panels but there's more people to focus on than just me. I'm not the center of attention kind of girl so knowing everyone in the room was looking at me had me a little more than tongue tied. So did the knowledge that friends, family and hopefully new readers were listening! Despite the nerves I had a great time! Check out the pics of me and Mickey, evening DJ for 98Rock and the best "wing man" a girl could ask for, Gladys from NerdGirl Blog!

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