Thursday, February 13, 2014

I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Ok, bad news. I'm not going to make release day tomorrow. I was super late getting the book to my editor and even if I stay up all night it's not going to happen. I had this whole My Bloody Valentine thing going on in my mind and I really, really wanted to deliver. It just wasn't meant to be. "HeadDesk" doesn't even begin to describe my disappointment in myself.  Now, for the good news. Blood Bath will only be delayed by a couple of days and according to my editor it is worth waiting for! You deserve the best book I can produce, not a half-ass book because I wanted it out tomorrow. I'll keep you all updated on the progress. I'm working on it as I type this! Don't give up on me yet. With love~ Rachel

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