Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New York, New York

The city that never sleeps has stolen my heart! Again! I was there over the weekend for the first time since January 2013. I got to take the subway this time, which I love by the way. In  less than thirty-six hours I visited, the theater district, SoHo, Chelsea, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, and a few other places. I reconnected with family I hadn't seen in over eight years. Pitched an unbelievably cool idea that looks like it's going to be green-lighted, drank lots of coffee and of course lots of wine, lol! Spent a little time with my mom while she was working backstage doing hair at Fashion Week and even made a new friend. It was a great two days! As fun as all of that was, none of it came close to topping my trip to Barnes and Noble on 5th Avenue. I still can't believe my books are their on the shelves or that I was able to autograph them! It was and still is surreal. I haven't come down from cloud nine yet! It's only half way through February and already this year has been unbelievable. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store. 

Thank you all for your continued support! I couldn't have gotten this far without all of you! <3

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